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Ronja fan Bokkum *

friesian mare Ronja

                       Ronja, Reserve Champion of Victoria 2009
Daughter of Doaitsen 420 x Ella fan Bokkum x Jasper 366

Born: 20th of April 2005. Stam 110

Keuring awards: a 2nd premie in 2005, and 1st premie ster in 2009.

Motherline: Stb Ster, Stb Model, Stb Model+pref*5, Stb Model+pref* 7

When we bought  Ella, she had Ronja as foal at foot and because she was a Doaitsen 420 filly, we were very keen to have her as well.
Her official name is Sjoltjse but at the keuring in Holland in 2005 we renamed her because it would have been too difficult to pronounce that name in English.

4 years later Ronja went to the Victorian keuring and  got awarded with the 1st premie ster straight away .
That proofs  that she has quality, good conformation and excellent movements. Besides having Doaitsen 420 blood, she also has the Jasper 366 blood, meaning that she has Champion x Champion blood running through her veins. You can not go wrong with this calibre of mare.
Ronja will be in foal this year by Age B.

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