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Breaking news

Ronja fan Bokkum

in the TOP 5 of Friesian best bred mares in the world.


Guess who is coming for Xmas diner

New stallion coming to Australia standing at stud in January 2014
May I introduce you to:

Fresco Tobiano

He is 62.5 % Friesian x 37.5 % Dutch warmblood
His sire is Willem van Nassau , GP dressage, who is the son of Grand Prix Friesian Stallion Adel 357. 
Willem alias Bonte Willem's dam is Pepper who is related to the famous Dutch warmblood Samber, (coloured WB). 
Bonte Willem and the Friesian mare Tynke fan Algrastate ( Rypke x Tjomme) created this beautiful stallion Fresco


Wildcroft did it again 

Age B again  Top sire 2013 with more then 80% of his offspring star awarded at the keuring  in  March 2013. But the biggest achievement was that 2 of his daughters: Zaretta TK & Zwenneke fan Wildcroft became PROVISIONAL CROWN. 2 of his young foals became a 1st premie awarding, you can not get an higher awarding than that for foals. 
At the end it was a very exciting keurings year for us with all the winnings and rewards. We are very proud to be the owner of one best producing Friesian stallion in the world.

Once again  Wildcroft  delivered the Champion & Reserve Champion of 2013  This is the 3rd time in a row that we took the " title of honour"  for the best mares presented in Victoria. Zaretta TK owned by Johanna Appleby and bred by Lynn Jenkins out of Ymkje Z x Age B 
Zwenneke fan Wildcroft, owned by Wildcroft, bred by Wildcroft 
out of Afke v/d Hamelspoel x Age B


Age B, Top sire of Australia 2011
80% of his offspring was star rated at the keuring/inspection weekend April 2011
Because of this high percentage he belongs to the world best sires.

Wildcroft wins again Champion and Reserve Champion of Victoria and Supreme Champion of Australia & New zealand 2011
Zwenneke fan Wildcroft, awarded 1st premie star mare and Reserve Champion of Victoria
Zelke fan Wildcroft, Awarded 1st premie star mare and Supreme Champion of Australia and new Zealand!
Both are Age B offspring and bred by Wildcroft

 Age B wins with  high scores in preliminary dressage 
 Age B is sponsored by Equine ExcellenceMagazine.

Afke van de Hamelspoel awarded "Crown Status"  in Australia.
Afke got awarded with a Crown status at the keuring in Victoria 2009. This makes her together with Sanne C, owned by M&M van der Heiden SA, the only two crown mares ever in Australia. It is one of the most difficult ratings to achieve and it places them in the top  3 %  of the Friesian breed in the World.

Wildcroft wins Champion and Reserve Champion of Victoria 2009
Afke van de Hamelspoel and Ronja fan Bokkum Champion and Reserve Champion mare of Victoria 2009.
It is very unusual that one stud wins both of the state awardings, the judges were very impressed with our stock and  Age B. To us this was our best keuring ever, and it proved to us that all the efforts and hard work we've put in, were very rewarding after all.

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