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     Age B (imp)       

Son of  Heinse 354 x Femmy B x Peke268

Registration number: 200005591  

KFPS/ANZFHS licensed breeding stallion for Australia

Top sire of the year 2011 & 2013 & 2015 & 2017
 with more then 80% of his offspring star rated at the Dutch inspection days in Australia.
 ongoing producer of  Champions and Reserve Champions of Victoria &
Supreme Grand Champion AUS & NZ 2011.
Became first Stallion in Australian History with two Provisional Crown and one Crown awarded daughters.


Producer of  many 1st and 2nd premie foals and the Champion of Victoria keurings

Standing at stud only fore selective mares 
By AI only and Chilled semen available

Age B's Profile:

Son of Heinse 354 x Femmy B x Peke268

Motherline: Stb Ster+ pref.*4, Stb model+pref*7, Stb model+pref *6 

Born: 9th of March 2000. Stam 2

Age is bred and born at the stables of Anneke Kuiper-Brouwer. Anneke knew that, when her beautiful mare Femke delivered a colt on that day, that a star was born! When her vet came up after Age was one day old for a vet check he also was impressed by this beautiful colt and offered Anneke to buy this foal. Anneke was overwelmed and didn't know what to do and wanted some time to think about it, needing money and the opportunity to sell this foal to a vet, made her mind up to sell him off to Mister Schuil who happens to be the breeder of Totilas, the most famous dressage horse ever. Mister Schuil had big plans with Age but it didn't go as fortunate as he had hoped for. Bad luck for Mister Schuil who believed in this stallion and always reconized his quality, but good luck for us! I was able to buy him and he is my proud and joy and my best friend.    

Awarded in 2000 1st premie foal
Awarded in 2003 Star Stallion
Was selected for the approved  Dutch stallion selection for the duration of 70 days. 
Therefore he is approved to be an Australian foalbook breeding stallion.


Age B is easily recognized by his Proud and Majestic look.
 He stands as a "modern style" Friesian. But Age B has still all the Friesian traits that we all value so much in this breed. Age B is an offspring of Stam 2 (pedigree) being a very impressive stam with a lot of thoroughbred and a perfect solid base.
 Vitality, beautiful conformation and fertility are the strongest points in this line.



His fame and temperament are legendary, possessing a beautiful and intelligent head with a big friendly eye. His graceful movements and extraordinary friendly nature reflect the majestic poise and beauty found within the Friesian breed.




If you like to see the offspring list of Age B and are interested in the awardings of his offspring
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Age B Photo impression

Age B photo gallery          


                                                    Keuring 2011

                                                    keuring 2015


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