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Triumph after Triumph

 In March 2015 we had the dutch Juging weekend Keuring held to inspect our Friesian horses in Australia to the KFPS quality standards.

 It was ones more a fantastic weekend for Wildcroft and therefore Age B.

We presented 13 of his offspring, they all became awarded with a premie; 

* two 1 ste premie star mares Zwenneke ( Afke v/d Hamelspoel) 

 Zelke fan wildcroft ( Anna v/d Broekstraat)

* 3 entire sons received a star premie; 

Bart, ( Wiske v. Zweins) 

 Casparo & Driekus fan Wildcroft (Afke v/d Hamelspoel)

* 2 sons received a 3rd premie the geldings 

Karel fan Wildcroft ( Ella fan Bokkum) 

 Kato ( Leila Hatchley)

* 1 granddaughter received a 2nd premie star

 the lovely Legacy of Kayla park ( Vrolijk fan Wildcroft )

* 2 foals received a 1ste premie; 

Ydwer fan wildcroft ( Ronja fan Bokkum)

 Tjarda fan wildcroft ( Afke v/d Hamelspoel)

* 1 foal received a 2nd premie;

 Vije fan wildcroft ( Iris Meike van Koningsland)

* 1 yearling  received a 2nd premie 

Sinne fan Wildcroft( Nena Lieske fan wildcroft)

We are so proud to have produced ones more the star Champions of the future.

Afke v/d Hamelspoel has produced 4  times star offspring 

she became awarded with the very much soughed predicate;


photos of the foals


photos of Age B presentation at the keuring


Age B presentation with  traditional Dutch outfit


Zwenneke prepare for IBOP test


An overall impression of the wildcroft teamwork


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