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   Live your dream by purchasing a star quality Friesian from tomorrow

Any purebred Colts to be kept entire (consider with stud)

All 2011 foals are sold

All 2012 foals are sold
All 2013 foals are sold
All 2014 foals are sold
2 x 2015 geldings for sale
Wylster fan Wildcroft 2015  Age B x Brend 413
$ 14.000 unbroken $ 16.000 under saddle

Ysbrant fan Wildcroft 2015 Age B x Tonke 391 $14.000 unbroken  $ 16.000 under saddle

1 x 2016 gelding for sale
Bartele fan Wildcroft 2016 Age B x Gradus 356
$ 12.000 (photo will follow)

2017 gelding for sale
Floris fan Wildcroft Age B x Tonke 391

$ 11.000 (photo will follow )
Wildcroft has over 17 years of breeding experience and proved to breed 
Dutch Superior Quality Friesian foals.
Combine our outstanding  imported mares with the best bloodlines in Australia and
sired by one Australia's Highest Quality star stallions 

Age B
One of the world's
 Premier Friesian stallions.
Famed for his consistently high quality foals.
Through over 14 years he has proven that he stamps his progeny consistently passing on the winning characteristics; graceful movements, extraordinary friendly nature and beautiful heads with big eyes and quality conformation to his offspring

People who are interested in, a star quality foal or have a good eye for quality,
 find their way to Wildcroft quickly. If you don't want to miss out for your long live friend, put your name on and you may rest assured that you do not miss out this season!

 Age B 
became Top Sire of Australia 2011-2013-2015-2017 
with more then 80% of his 
offspring star rated. 
First producer of:  a crown rated mare zaretta TK .
 2  provisional crown rated 1ste premie star mares
Zwenneke fan Wildcroft, 
Okkie fan Wildcroft

First in Australian history

Registration foals BB1


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