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Wiske van Zweins (Gerda)


friesian mare Wiske
Photo courtesy by Nicole Emauel

Daughter of Sape 381 x Cea P x Peke 268

                         Born: 25th of January 2002. Stam 46

Full paper mare. awarded a 3rd premie in 2002, 2nd premie ster in 2009.Her motherline is stb ster, stb ster model preferent, and stb ster.

Wiske has been in harness and under saddle. She shows such excitement about every session, you can see her smiling. Each day she takes such big leaps in her education; she is extremely willing with everything that is asked of her. 

Her motherís father is the legendary late Peke 268, brother to Lammert 260. Peke who was known to have the most beautiful head of all approved Friesian stallions. He clearly passed that characteristic down the line and Wiske has passed it on to her foal. Wiske is 16.0 HH.

Wiske is the mother of Vamke fan Wildcroft '06 , Wouter fan Wildcroft '07 and Bart fan Wildcroft '08

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