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Anna van de Broekstraat (Aefke)

friesian mare
Photo courtesy: Nicole Emanuel

Daughter of Krist 358 x Alefke x Lammert 260 

Born: 10th of April 2000. 
Stam 70
16.1 HH

Keurings awardings: 2nd premie foal in 2000
                                  3rd premie foal in 2001
                                   studbook mare in 2003

Anna’s mother line is stb ster, stb. stb ster, stb ster preferent.

Anna is a real character amongst the other stud mares. She definitely has the characteristics of an actress. She likes to act all the time and she is very easy to teach new tricks. She is steady and calm and totally reliable on trail rides, harness, dressage competitions or shows.
Any young rider can learn to ride on her without having to worry that something might go wrong. She could be marked 9 for her stable behavior as well as her training behavior. Fortunately she passes her ‘rock solid’ nature on to her foals as well.
 We never took Anna to a keuring anymore because she had a paddock accident in 2004 and therefore not keurings fit .

Anna is out of stam 70 and you can read in this stam that her nature runs in the family. Her great-grandmother Ankje won the Jan Timmermans trophy, granted for the best performance in harness.
Anna is a real addition to our stud, being out of the same breeding group as Feitse.
Her foals are extrodinairy beautiful in nature, face and neck and good solid conformation. Foals are: Nene-Lieske '04, Tamke '05(dec),  
Zelke '07, Bokke '08. Gracia 2010, Karst 2011

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