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Afke van de Hamelspoel  


Crown and preferent  mare

Daughter of  Ids 300 x Jetje G x Oltman 317

Born: 15th of February 2000.
Stam 81
16.2 HH 

Awarded 2nd premie star 2003
Awarded 1st premie star 2009
Awarded crown mare 2009
Remaining crown status 2011
Remaining  crown status 2013

Afke lives at our stud since 2002. We bought her as a 2.5 year old mare who only had been to a foal keuring in Holland.To me she was something special and there was something about her, not only the way she moved but also her nature. Very independent. She walked up to me and started sniffing and stayed the whole time at my side, the choice was made. She chose me and I loved her for that and was happy to be her next owner. 

At the 2009 Keuring she got awarded 1st premie ster mare and proviasional crown when she passed the IBOP test ( suitability)   she received a" Crown" status for life. and became preferent in 2015 with her last star awarded sons Casparo & Driekus

Only 2 % of all mares in the world receive a crown status awarding and only given to mares who have an excellent conformation, movements and sports aptitude.

Afke gave us 7 beautiful foals, Sybren Star,  Zwenneke Prov crown,
Casparo Star,  Driekus star and Jannus, Sipke and  Tjarda 1st premie-fan Wildcroft. The judges classified them as nice developed foals with extraordinary beautiful movements.

Besides Afke being  one of a few  “Crown” mares in Australia she is also a superb broodmare.  First time in Australian history; Afke & Age B  produced 4 Star awarded offspring in a row.

 Therefore Afke became awarded with the title " PREFERENT " behind her name meaning that she produced 4 star awarded quality offspring !

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