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In the 1960's the Friesian horse was threatened with extinction. kfpslogoat the time there were only a thousand horses registered in the main Dutch studbook. thanks to a few breeders we still have a pure bred Friesian horse. 
By 2004, there were about 80.000 horses 
registered all over the world  in the
 Royal Dutch Studbook Association.

After the critical period of the 60's, the tide has turned and the Friesian horse has gained in popularity, appreciation, quality and quantity. The large numbers has enabled 
the KFPS ( Dutch studbook) to be stricter 
in it's selection, which has allowed to bring the average quality of the horse's conformation
and usefulness to a higher standard in 
the Friesian equine world.

A group of experts is responsible for this task. 
champion-400x267They travel all over the world to inspect the horses and advise in breeding. When inspecting for conformation, it is not only about racial type and characteristics, but  more important, is the movement of the horse in fact they judging rates are 40 % conformation and 60% movement.

Horses that satisfy these requirements can be registered in the Royal Studbook of the KFPS and are eligible for quality awardings like Model, Crown, 1st premie star. 2nd premie Star,
3th premie. stallion can get a Star awarding and foals can be awarded with a 1st, 2nd, 3th premie.


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