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Woepke van Groot Altena

friesian mare

Daughter of Folkert 353 x Cristal x Jillis 301 

Born : 11th of July 1999

Awarded 2nd premie in 1999, and 3rd premie mare in 2003.

Full paper Studbook mare,stam 25  15.3 HH
Her mother’s bloodline is Stb ster, Stb ster, Stb Model Preferent, Stb Model Preferent + Performance Mother: this title is a very special one.

Woepke is a ‘one of a kind’ horse. She is totally reliable in work, trail rides, dressage competition, harness, or even in an exhibition class. She is a ‘do it all horse’ without complications. She has a square and solid figure and that is exactly how she moves. What is special about Woepke is that she has a ‘happy’ demeanour and is literally always smiling! She has a great temperament and wants to work for you even when she finds it very difficult.

Woepke is from the very impressive stam 25. Inspector Mulder was the founder of this stam, it is an old thoroughbred stam started in 1914. Woepke’s great grand parents were superb then, and Woepke still is. Most horse buyers in Holland buy a foal with these paper background before they even seen the foal. that is so-called buying on paper. Woepke is the mother of: Vrolijk fan Wildcroft, Folkert fan Wildcroft.

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